Favorite Types of Cheese

One of the widely used milk products is cheese. It is a fermented food derived from mammalian milk and can be used for preparing different dishes according to the desired effect. Cheese is the main source of saturated fat and is also nutritionally beneficial as it contains enough calcium, phosphorous and protein. There are different favorite types of cheese available to choose from.

Preparation of Cheese is not a difficult task, and it can also be made at home. Cheese is available in many forms and flavors, and sometimes it becomes a complicated job to choose from such wide variety. So, before planning to prepare a dish with cheese or pairing it the perfect wine, the available Types of Cheese should be known. Cheese can be either salted or dried and can be used on its own or cooked to make newer and innovative dishes.

The most preferred Cheese is Cheddar Cheese, which is a hard cheese without cracks or molds in it. This type of cheese comes in a variety of ranges right from mild to mature. Any cheese recipe can be prepared well using Cheddar Cheese. It is mostly used as a sauce or a garnishing element. It is also used in soups consumed as a starter along with fresh mushroom. Cheddar Cheese is also used for baking and for applying on sandwiches. Cheddar can also be of various types, and one of them is Tickler Cheddar which has a tangy taste.

Another popular cheese type is Blue Cheese which has a unique taste. This type is very popular and enjoyed by a large number people for its distinct taste and mouth watering aroma. Blue Cheese is used to spread over salad. Blue Cheese can be further classified as Creamy Blue, Extra Creamy Danish Blue, and Traditional Danish Blue. Creamy Blue Cheese is a combination of the creaminess of blue mold cheese and the softness of Brie. The Extra Creamy Danish Blue cheese is slightly milder than the Traditional Danish Blue cheese and has a salty flavor. The Traditional Danish Blue Cheese is a salty blue mold cheese prepared out of cow milk.

Among the different Types of Cheese, Goat Cheese is very soft, and it is easily spreadable. This type of cheese usually consists of low calories and is a hot favorite for those who are on a diet. It is known as the healthiest of all the available cheese in the market. Some cheeses are known by the name of the place where they are produced like the Galloway Goat Milk Gems produced in a farmhouse in Galloway from goat milk.

In the list, the next consideration can be made of the Feta Cheese which is mainly Greek in origin and white in color. It is a soft cheese and is easy to crumble and use in salads. Feta cheese can also be classified further into herb salted, black pepper, etc. Black Pepper Feta Cheese is garnished further with black pepper which gives it a salty taste. Another available cheese type is the Mascarpone Cheese which is an Italian Cheese with a creamy texture.

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