Good Wine and Cheese Pairings To Consider

Wondering on which types of cheese to pair with your wine at the party? If yes, then choosing your cheese properly will enable get the best out of your favorite drink. Pairing wine with cheese is a culture that has been here for long and one that will continue to be. Whether you prefer red or white wine, having something to bite on and smoothen it down adds on the thrill. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter if your wine is light, tannic, dry or sweet as there is always a matching type of cheese out there. Here, we look at some of the best pairings you should consider.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Our good wine and cheese pairings list starts with this wonderful combination. Perhaps you are familiar with how delicious most goat cheeses are. With their dryness and a characteristic sourness, it is a perfect candidate to calm down the acidity and fruity taste in sauvignon Blanc. Goat cheese will also be a perfect match to Dry Riesling, Semillon or even Chenin Blanc. If you have one of these, then your party will be worth it. Just be slow on it as it could get dangerously sweet as your night deepens.

Madeira and Sheep Cheese

Well, if you favorite wine is this product from the Portuguese Island of Madeira, then having a Sheep Cheese for the night will make things better. The two are distinctly sweet and delicious. Bring them together and you have a match made in heaven. With the tangy nuttiness and numerous fruit like taste found in Madeira wine, it will blend well with the sheep milk flavors in your cheese for the best relaxing night ever. For an even powerful combination, then going for full-firm fat sheep cheeses like Cabrales and Etorki will be best suitable.

Strong smelling cheeses with Dry Riesling

Ever tried this? Well, if not, then there is a lot you have been missing out on. Imagine having a perfect cheese that would blend well with the strong floral and fruity aromas found Dry Riesling. Keeping in mind that strong cheeses such as Munster offer a cooling effect on the acidic wine, this will be a perfect match. This is so especially if you don’t want to be knocked up by early in the night.

Port and stilton
I know lots of guys who really love Port red wine especially when accompanied with stilton. Stilton is basically an English Blue veined cheese with a tangy saltiness. Now, with Port being so sweet and fortified, stilton’s tangy saltiness is perfectly foiled. The two bring the best out of each other. You probably don’t want to miss out on the delicious taste found in stilton while the sweetness and fruity taste in port isn’t one to overlook either. So, why not have both?

Finally, it is not always that a particular wine should be matched with specific cheeses. There are a wide number of wine brands out there that could go well when tried out. It is advisable to always have some dried nuts, fruits or even crackers to help bridge any imperfections in the good wine and cheese pairings. Good luck finding your match.

For more wine and cheese tips, click the video below.

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